An Exceptional Egg Donor Registry

Uniquely developed to support Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Donor-Conceived Offspring— identified or de-identified —through a private and secure online database.

How Does EDC Nexus' Egg Donor Registry Work?

We strive to deliver peace-of-mind that you have up to date family medical history for your Egg Donor, and your Egg Donor is accessible & connected to your family-building journey for the sake of your loved ones’ continued health and well-being.

Depending on your arrangement, EDC Nexus also allows (pending each party's participation) Egg Donors & Intended Parents to be connected on this family-building journey.

An IVF Professional* Registers IP & Donor Matches

  • Egg Donor Program Coordinator creates linked Nexus IP & Donor accounts.
  • Intended Parents receive a welcome email to complete their EDC Nexus registration.
  • Egg Donors are invited to complete their first medical/lifestyle update and to upload recent photos.

* An egg donor coordinator, nurse, reproductive attorney, etc.

Egg Donor Medical & Lifestyle Update

Pediatricians are trained to inquire about a child's family health history in order to properly care for their patients. Depending upon an Egg Donor's participation, EDC Nexus can help parents answer critical questions like, "What should I know about your child's family health history?"

  • Egg Donor completes a 15 minute medical & lifestyle questionnaire with a focus on new developments in their personal & family medical history.
  • The questionnaire is shared with the Donor-Conceived Family and their clinic or agency.

Intended Parents Review Their Donor's Medical & Lifestyle Updates

Once an Egg Donor finishes her medical & lifestyle update, her Intended Parents are invited to review their Donor's latest information.

  • Every two years thereafter, Egg Donors are encouraged to update their interactive profile to inform donor-conceived families of new developments relating to their personal, and family, medical history.
  • Additionally, EDC Nexus provides Intended Parents 24/7 access to their Egg Donor's original donor profile (which may include carrier screening results, genetic reports and psychological assessments) plus photos and all biennial medical & lifestyle updates.

Intended Parents & Their Egg Donors Communicate (Optional)

If your legal contract includes open communication, EDC Nexus provides a private messaging platform that connects Intended Parents & Egg Donors.

  • Communication must be initiated by Intended Parents
  • When a message is sent through EDC Nexus, the platform emails the other party to let them know a message is waiting for them.
  • If you'd like to share photos - you're in luck! IPs & Egg Donors can easily upload and exchange photos with each other.

Who is using EDC Nexus?

If your egg donor program would like to use EDC Nexus, contact us today.

North Star Fertility
San Diego Fertility Center
How do I register on EDC Nexus?

Intended Parents and Egg Donors are invited to register on EDC Nexus by their fertility clinic, reproductive attorney, or egg donor agency. If your egg donor program already participates in EDC Nexus, please ask them when you will be invited to register. If your fertility clinic does not currently participate with EDC Nexus, ask them to contact us!

How much does it cost to register as an Intended Parent?

Pricing information will be shared with you when your invited to EDC Nexus. In some cases your egg donor program may have already included EDC Nexus in the matching fees you've paid so you will not need to pay us directly.

How much does it cost to register as an Egg Donor?

EDC Nexus is FREE for Egg Donors!
Your fertility clinic or Intended Parent(s), pays for your registration.

How can my clinic, agency or reproductive law firm start registering our donors and intended parents?

Working with us is simple and straightforward.
Just contact our team and we will do the rest.

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